Guide To Picking The Best Porch Swing Bed

Posted on September 8, 2016

Just like Italians enjoy pizzas, the French spend time in sidewalk cafes, and around the Mediterranean many homes surround courtyards providing spaces for outdoor activities, the front porch is almost unique to America; spanning the front of countless homes in every city and village.

Porches were wide or narrow, sometimes one storey, sometimes two, they could cover half the front façade or wrap around three sides, or the entire house.

Furniture on the porch included chairs from inside the house, or they would buy pieces especially for the porch, made from wicker, bamboo or wood.

At first rocking chairs proved to be very popular, as people whiled away lazy Sunday afternoons, chatting with one another, socializing with neighbours, reading or catching up on stitch work.

However over time rocking chairs were replaced with the porch swing, a comfortable swing type bench or chair that was suspended by chains or ropes from the support beams of the ceiling.

Soon the porch swing became the most coveted spot, being the perfect place to rock a child to sleep or to get to know a high school sweetheart.

American movies and series often show the classic porch swing images, which hark back to a time where family mattered and quality time was exactly that.

Nowadays the ‘traditional’ porch swing has been replaced with the porch swing bed and the outdoor bed swing, which is pretty much the same thing, except that neither is necessarily found on the front porch.

People can be found lounging on outdoor bed swings on front lawns, hanging from a branch, or even in their backyard.

There are no hard or fast rules as to where your porch swing bed or outdoor bed swing should be placed, as long as there’s something sturdy and secure to hang it from.

If you’re looking to buy a porch swing bed or an outdoor bed swing, you’re in luck. It would seem the idea of quality family time is making a comeback, whether it’s playing board games, reading together or just enjoying everyone’s company.

And this means space in the home is being revisited and additions are being made to bring the family closer together, but without major renovations, or costs.

As with anything that’s gained popularity, there’s a wide range of swings to choose from, from the style and size, to the fabric and material used.

And what’s even better with the advent of outdoor bed swings, you don’t have to have a porch or a tree. You just need sufficient space.

Types of Porch Swing Beds

Porch swings are made for two or more people and come in different shapes and sizes. They can be handcrafted by an artisan or manufactured in large quantities for big outlets and stores.

What you need to take into account is the size of the area you’re planning to place your porch swing bed and whether there is enough room for it.

Hanging or Freestanding Swings Beds

As you know porch swings are usually hung with chains or a rope, either from the support beams in the ceiling or from a strong branch of a tree.

Keep in mind that swings hung next to the house or on the porch need a clearance space of about 2.5 feet, minimum, so it doesn’t crash into the wall.

Freestanding porch swings are swings on A-frame type stands and are perfect for homes without a porch or a nice big tree.

The A-frame is sturdy and can be placed on the lawn or any other open area you might have. Because freestanding swings don’t have the shade from a patio or tree you can choose ones with a canopy, or without.

Glider Porch Swings

A glider porch swing is ideal if you don’t have a place to hang it because it’s pretty much a bench that moves backwards and forwards on a track.

They’re available as a bench that moves or with a platform that rests and moves above a stationary frame.


The good old hammock needs absolutely no introduction. They can have a wooden outer frame with a net or woven fabric as support and are available in a variety of styles and colors.

The hammock remains a popular choice as a porch swing bed or outdoor bed swing because of its price and portability.


It is possible to find handmade porch swings, crafted by artisans, but they’re going to cost a lot more than ‘off the shelf’ options.

Porch Swing Materials

Whatever the style, porch swings are available in various materials, including wood, metal, fabric and wicker.

It makes sense to choose both a style and material that suits the rest of your home, because even though it’s going to be outdoors, you want your porch swing bed to reflect who you are and create a nice flow.


When choosing a wood swing you have the option of different types. Cedar is popular because it’s weather resistant and can withstand most elements, but it can be quite expensive.

Other wood options are pine, teak and alder. If you’re going for pine you can stain it with a wood finish or even a paint color. The stain or paint has a dual purpose, making the swing bench look good and help preserve the wood.

There are also recycled plastic, resin, or vinyl porch swings that are made to look like wood. These plastics are long-lasting, require very little maintenance and can be kept clean with soap and water.


Wrought iron, steel and aluminium are popular metals used for porch swings, with aluminium being the lightest and iron the most robust. Often a combination of wood and steel are used when making porch swings and porch sing beds.


Usually made with a metal or wood frame, fabric porch swings can have polyester covered cushions that form a seat but there are those without, and instead the seat is part of the fabric. They have a frame and usually have canopies to keep you shaded.


Wicker porch swings are made out of cane, rattan, or plastic resin. The plant-bases outdoor wicker needs to be treated to protect it from the elements, and should be brought inside after use, or at least covered.

Resin based wicker is weather resistant and should last longer outdoors. Wicker porch swings are used with a seat cushion, which are available in different colors and fabrics.

Porch Swing Accessories

Pillows can be used as accents or to make the swing more comfortable. They’re available in a wide range of colors, fabric styles and sizes to suit all types of porch and outdoor swings.

As far as pillows go, you can get separate ones to rest on the bottom and line the back, which lets each person have their own seat or you go for one big pillow for the seat and, or, the back to create a comfy bed for everyone to sit on.

Pick a Porch Swing Bed or Outdoor Bed Swing for You

hammock porch swing bed

Vivere Double Hammock


With more than 3000 reviews and a 4.7 rating on Amazon, I figured I’d get things started with the Vivere Double Hammock.

In my opinion this falls under the category of a porch swing bed and an outdoor bed swing. It can even be used inside, and doubles up as a bed to actually sleep in, as one reviewer commented.

So why do people seem to like this hammock that triples up as a porch swing bed, an outdoor bed swing and an indoor bed? Well, it’s priced right and definitely value for money considering all the ways it can be used.

Given the price you would think it’s not the greatest quality, but you’d be wrong. The frame is incredibly sturdy and durable and will be with you for a long long time.

The hammock porch swing bed is extra wide. It’s been designed for two people and has a weight capacity of around 400-450 lbs.

If you’re swinging solo the sides curl up around you in a comforting ‘hammock’ embrace. Because of the adequate size you can easily sit in it sideways, with two (or three, depending on their sizes) adults or three or four children.

Should you be so inclined, and there are people, you can use this as an indoor bed for sleeping. As in ‘putting on your jarmies, brushing your teeth, saying ‘good night’ to everyone, climbing into bed’, I mean hammock. One of the reviews mentions that it alleviates and eases his back pain.

Normally when buying a hammock porch swing bed or outdoor bed swing you need to make sure there’s somewhere to hang it, but with the Vivere double hammock this isn’t a worry because the frame is included with your purchase.

Now this the best bit, for me anyway, the frame weighs about 30lbs and fits into a carrying bag (which is included in the price) and stores compactly, which means you don’t’ only have to use it at home.

As long as you have a space of 10’ long x 4’ wide, you have an outdoor bed swing that can go anywhere with you.

A lot of people have commented how this hammock doesn’t take up much space at all. Why? Well it’s a Brazilian style’ bed’ which folds flat when it’s not being used because it doesn’t have those wide wood spreaders which are used to keep traditional hammock open. Also the frame has been designed to take up as little floor space as possible.

Keeping your porch bed swing clean is as easy as putting it together. A simple hand wash with a mild detergent will get rid of any grime or accidental spills and the frame needs a simple wipe down with a cloth.

And last, but definitely not least, if you’re planning to use this as an outdoor bed swing you can choose a hardier fabric that can handle the elements all year round, like polyester or Sunbrella.

The polyester fabric is fade, mildew and rot resistant while Sunbrella on the other hand is like the superhero of fabrics.

It’s the most durable, and can withstand outdoor weather conditions all year round. It is also stain and fade resistant.

There really are no cons when it comes to this porch swing bed. The price, quality, versatility and a 12-month warranty on all materials and workmanship makes this a no brainer.

 beautiful porch swing bed

Wooden Arc Hammock Stand + Quilted Beige Color Double Hammock Bed


The Petras wooden arc and quilted double hammock bed is a modern take on the good old hammock.

The wooden arc frame makes this outdoor bed swing a stylish addition to your home, either in the back yard, poolside or even on the patio, keeping in mind it measures 14ft.

Although the frame looks flimsy it can support up to 450 lbs, and the European larch wood is stained and water treated with a teak finish, making it the perfect outdoor bed, all year round.

You will need to do a bit of assembling, but it’s not difficult and no tools are necessary. Instructions are included and the hardware needed to put the hammock together is in your box too.

The quilted spreader, or bed, is also a part of your purchase and is made from durable cotton with double padding.

According to some reviews this outdoor bed swing is like having your bedroom outside, that’s how comfortable it is, which is what outdoor furniture is all about; comfort and relaxation.

The wood is of an excellent quality and the teak finish means it can stay outside all year round, rain or shine.

Where this particular swing bed falls short, according to the reviews, is that the padded quilt isn’t very strong but this shouldn’t put you off, because you’re able to buy the spread separately, which I kind of like, because it means you’re able to change the look without the expense.

Also some reviewers have mentioned that it’s quite a feat to get the balance right and there’s a chance of a few topples before you get it right.

In the box the arc stand and hammock are fairly heavy and might need two people to move it, depending on your strength.

Also having two people assemble it works better for some because of the weight but once it’s all together it’s light enough for one person to move around on the lawn or porch.


  • Wooden Stand 14' Long. Beautifully Stained & Water Treated. Teak Finish.
  • Weight Capacity: 450 Lbs. Made From European Larch Wood.
  • Quilted Double Hammock Bed, Double Padded. Fits 2 people. 6.5 Ft. Long, 4.75 ft. Wide.
  • Bed Constructed Of Weather And Fade Resistant Fabric

best hammock porch bed

Leisure Season SBWC402 Swing Bed with Canopy


I love the Leisure Season Swing Bed! So much so I’ve purchased one for my pool area out back. It ranks in my top three as one of the most comfortable outdoor bed swings I’ve had the pleasure of falling asleep on, and the canopy keeps you protected from the sun and rain, should there be any.

It has a gentle swing motion, which relaxes you and has catching a couple of zzz’s in no time at all. The curved frame is made of Larch hardwood, known for its tough, water resistant and durable qualities. Legend has it that the same wood was used when building the ancient city of Venice.

The contemporary outdoor bed swing, with its canopy and cocoon like arched frame, makes you feel as though you’re hidden away from everyone and everything, even if you’re only lounging in your backyard.

It’s a gorgeous twist on the traditional hammock and can be used indoors, on a porch or in the garden.


  • Feel-good natural materials maintain shape and color even when continuously exposed to sunlight
  • Durable design features solid hardwood frame, adjustable bed height, optional fabric roof cover (126"W x 63"D x 69"H)
  • Relaxation surface made of Texteline, highly respected for making outdoor furniture last decades
  • Accommodates two adults
  • Includes two comfy cushions

 kids outdoor porch bed swing

HearthSong Nylon Canvas HugglePod HangOut with LED Lights


Not sure about you but I have two children who pretty much want whatever the adults have, just in a more kid-friendly version, and that’s why the HearthSong Nylon Canvas HugglePod HangOut is on my list.

If you don’t know what a HugglePod is, let me fill you in briefly. It's pretty much a hanging "tent" for kids to play in, hang out with friends or just relax in on their own.

It’s like a kid’s porch swing bed, and if you get the frame then it’s a portable outdoor bed swing.

It has three porthole-styled windows, a Velcro flap door and a plump cushion inside, stuffed with polyfill, which is recycled water bottles! The cocoon like pod is excellent for children with autism or sensory problems, giving them a quiet place to hide away and calm down when everything gets too much and it’s also the perfect little nook for reading time, time out and bed time.

This particular HearthSong HugglePod includes a string of LED lights, which adds to the ambience. It’s recommended for ages four and up and can support up to 250 lbs.


• Ideal for indoor or outdoor use

• Made from 100% nylon canvas and with the use of recycled products

• Interior string of LED lights with easy-to-reach on/off switch

• Spot clean only.

• Professional installation recommended when hanging from ceiling or beam

• Use our Crescent Stand to hang it anywhere

• Hang from a tree branch with our Heavy-Duty Easy Tree Hangers (sold separately)

• Hang in a tree easily with our exclusive HangOut Hanger (sold separately)


With the frenetic paced lifestyle we lead, we’re looking for more ways to get some downtime and relax with the people who matter.

A cosy swing bed, no matter where it’s placed is a fairly inexpensive way to do this, while creating a relaxed atmosphere and adding character to your home.

There’s a wide selection available and as per this article, there’s something to suit most people’s taste and budget, but remember you do need to make sure you have either the space or the necessary bits to hang it.

My only word of caution is that you get everything done before you sink into it because chances are you won’t be moving from there for a while.